Ken plays Danny Boy w/Eileen
Fall in Iowa
Winterset Covered Bridge Days
Rita Feeds BIG Family
Omaha Visit
Gypsy Jazz Fest
Above, Andrew, Don and Marty's
son-in-law and that's his and Angie's
daughter, Lilly to the left. Agnie is above
and below right.
To left is Sally, who had us all over for brunch
on the Saturday before we went to Rita's on
Sunday. To right is Shannon and Sherrylrae.
are Sally's kids, Matt and Sara.
To left are two 1st
cousins, Lilly and David.
Don and Marty's
grandchildren. To right
is Kristal at the jazz
festival in Madison.
More pictures of festival
down below. And I
guess you all recognize
my hubby, Ken.
We all lined up our lawn chairs in Rita and
Robert's corner lot. It is right on the parade
route and gives an idea of the size of
"family". There were about half a dozen
friends. The rest, family.
Scenes from Gypsy Jazz Fest
Some sat on hay bales during the evening
performance. But Kristal, Ken and I had a
reserved seat complete with quilt!
My favorite band of the weekend - can't
think of their name.
Some shots of the Covered Bridge Day Parade