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Karen Radford w/Timbre Junction
Clinton Geoffry Gentry Born Apr 28, 2018
Alamo Palms Yards;
Dinners with Friends;
Singing Strings;
Dinner & Jam at our home w/friends
In Fond Memory of
Dale Reece
Nov 5, 1927 – APRIL 27, 2018
Below on the right are a few pictures of Dale's
friends/co-workers who attended the Memorial Service. I
didn't get pictures of everyone of course.
Jim & Marge
above, Marv
& Carol right.
Sorry their
picture is
Carolyn right,
Vern and Russ
directly below.
Bob, right;
Bill and
below Bob.
Below them
is a shot of
Jim and
Some beautiful cacti blooming, and some
creative yard decor in our park!

And below are two men in my life who live in the
present times of new ways to communicate. lol  
Lunch with my brother-in-law Bob. They were
exploring new bells and whistles on their phones.
For more yards and flora scroll way down.
To the left Signy watches as
Lavern cuts my birthday
cake. It was one of two of
the best cakes I've ever
eaten. The other one is
Thayne's carrot cake.  The
cake Lavern made had some
liquor in the icing which
made us just inhale it, it was
so good.
The three of us in the Red Snapper in
Progreso. It was several years ago the three
of us were caught in the shoot-out here. That
story will be found on another page soon.
John met us at the airport and took us home. Below he is
bringing one of our four large suitcases to the van.
This group is made up of members of the
Winter Texan Orchestra. Directly below
shows an informal concert- and the next
day a few of the members had a jam - no
notes to read, just playing by ear. I
joined the latter scene. We had fun.
"Singing Strings"
A Chamber Music Group
Pat fed us Chicken Marsala.
It was delicious!
The youngest
member of the
orchestra. She
joined the jam
group the next day
along with Bill the
bass player, shown
below Rachel.
Home Again
We left Texas 11 a.m. and arrived home 5 p.m.
Lavern enjoys herself.
Below Pat and Bruce enjoy
the meal
Bruce, John above.
Bill to left.
More of the floral color in our park.
And some neat decorations
Dan and Betty, Leon & Judy joined us for Rigatoni dinner and music. It was
a fun night, filled with the warmth from close friends getting together.
Above From Left, Leon, Judy, Ken and Betty. Below Dan and Betty.
It's a bottle tree. There are two!
Clinton appeared at 2:27 pm  
and weighed 7lbs 11 oz. He
was  21 inches long.  Pictured
below are pictures of Beth
and Clinton, Michael and
Clinton and Clinton solo.