Jam at Dale and Eileens
Iowa Potluck and for Dessert, Iowa State Beats Kansas
Kristal and Robin Visit first part of 2017
Deena Here
The Iowa Potluck in the Main Hall on Feb 4, and I only missed 8 minutes of the Iowa State at
Kansas game. Kansas home winning streak of 52 was ended! The picture directly below was
taken before the 70 some people had arrived. I remember one year we had 157 in attendance.
Pictures on this left column of the page are from the potluck.
Pictures on this half of the page are from
Eileen and Dale's brisket dinner and jam.
Below is me, Bob, Julia and David.
David, a virtuoso on piano and cello and
organ and who knows what else! Our first
meeting and playing with him and Chris.
Okay, that is not a halo around Chris' head. It is Eileen's pretty light, as you
see directly below. Ken was sight reading some difficult music and did a
great job of it. Chris plays 3 different recorders and sings too. In fact,
everyone there was a singer. Except maybe me but I sang like no one was
listening and it was such FUN!
Eileen, our gifted hostess at her piano.
Below is Julia who does wonderous things
with her voice. That's her husband Bob on
the sofa beside me.
Below are pictures taken here and there and every where.
Lavern and Deena at the Red Snapper where we had lunch in
Mexico. I love the way they serve their baked potato, the grilled fish
fillet and their white wine is fairly good, considering it's not their
specialty. The girls get two margueritas for the price of one, I get
one glass of wine and pay more for it.  Where's the justice! lol
Howard's picture makes this website really
often. Why? Because he's so photogenic.
Above, Leo
Below,the Secretary reads the minutes.
'Robin, Ken and I watched football playoff
while Kristal escaped to their room to
watch programs more to her taste. lol We
all know Kristal hates football.
I'm wearing the Christmas gift Bob sent. It is
a lovely kimono in shades of blue, silver and
black. And it comes from the gift shop in the
Metropolitan Museum of Arts in Manhattan
where he and George visited last fall.
Steve Davis (WA), I'm Walkin'
Scott Smith (TX) on piano
Recorded in California
Elaine and Nick above,
Dave and Bev below
Robin and Kristal
Ken and I with our good friends and
neighbors Bruce and Lavern.
Sandy in foreground
New friends, the Johnsons, old friend
June, sharing at our table..
Above  is Leslie, the lively and cute singer. Below
Dale, host and chef, relaxes to enjoy the music.
Don and Marty's Grandchildren Lily and David.
Raymond's Grandchild Libby
(waiting to go outside for a ride)
Mandy (John's daughter) was looking
for pictures and I found this one from
the 1960s, Ken, John and Al during
King Arthur's Night Club days.