Blake and group from out east.
The visitors came in through the dining room door and
first thing they saw was the beautiful dining room set with
what I think (needs research to confirm) is Madrid
depression table setting. Ray and Martha below left at
other side of dining room with living room door behind
them. The house has two doors coming in from the back
yard - the dining room and the kitchen.
The star of the weekend, this house built in late 1890s
along with the owners who have restored this home with
loving care.
Leon, Judy, Ken and I took two hours
Saturday and two on Sunday acting as
docents. A fancy word for tour guides I
think. Leon and Martha on left, patio
built from scratch below. And more way
down at bottom of this page.
View from front porch of the Mississippi
River. The second floor has a more
complete view and from the attic Notice
at top of page the attic has four full
sized windows at the front complete
with a balcony. There is also a balcony
on the second story at front of house.
The colorful vase was mother's.
Directly below is Caryn, Martha's
My camera does not do justice to the front
entrance area and the grand stairway.
The landing to the main stairway.
Ray's days as a Deputy Sheriff
This chandelier looks very like a gas
light would look with the gold filaments
flickering. And notice the fancy tin
ceiling. Just another feature of this
grand entrance.
This sink and tile in the half bath are
perched on a table. It is very cool, the
way it has been finished. It's much
higher than it appears because picture
taken from high above.
To right is large 2nd floor bath. Below
is the lavatory in the 1st floor half-bath.
The picture rail left, was installed just
in the nick of time for the tour.
Some Before and During Repair Pictures
"What A Revolting Development This Is!"
During a trip south one February a leak in
the bathroom plumbing caused some
major pipe bursting. But, Ray and Martha
just fixed it themselves, like the experts
they are. So all new plumbing in that area.
This is the half bath during the remodel.
Notice the black paint on the woodwork.
That is all stripped down to the original
wood now. See way up  above.
Servants Stairway
Off the kitchen and up the back of the
house to second floor and to the attic.
Ray and Martha's Home on
Heritage Trust Tour in Burlington
History of the home of Ray and Martha
Notice the lights built into the dresser mirror. (See my
reflection taking the picture.
This chandelier is in the master bedroom. So beautiful.
Ray didn't like the  bids from the cement
workers so he got his own mixer and did
it himself. It was a huge job, and Martha
worked right along side him. All the steps
from sidewalk up to the porch had to be
done. I'm really impressed. We put a new
driveway in this year and I know how
expensive that was and how hard those
men worked!
This is what the kitchen floor looked
like the first time I saw it. You could see
the basement through the hole.
This happened above the landing of the
grand stairway. Took some time to
discover where the leak was. But, as you
see, it's all fixed now, after many hours of
thought and then work. The height was --
well, very high & problematic.
Dining Room
Living Room
The Kitchen
A huge landscaping project in the back side
yard. I don't have a picture of the finished
project, but will get one.
Ray made some of these cabinets from scratch to match what was already there.
They are beautiful Hickory. The butcher board top of this picture (left) he made too -
piece by piece and it is perfect. I pointed that out to the visitors. They were impressed.
The ticket taker, sitting by the
double garage and Ray's work room
Here's the steps BEFORE! ->>>>>>>>>
The house Christmas of 2012