Isabel and Blake singing Black River
VIPs in My Life:
Blakesleys & Iowa State Fair
Kristina and Rich Visit from Burbank
Dining with friends
Libby Walks!!
Kristina above, Rich below. I am sorry I didn't get
one of them together. They are expecting a baby
girl by surrogate on Christmas Eve 2017. She will
be named Rachel Kristine Barnard.
Above left is Hostess Tanya and friend.
Heidi(not pictured) was also a hostess but was
not able to attend due to sickness. And directly
above is Raymond and his granddaughter Libby.
Rich is a graphics designer for Harley
Davidson. Pretty cool job if you ask me!
And the only other employee in his area is
Mr. Davidson's great great granddaughter.
I hope I have the correct number of greats.
This was such a clever cake: cupcakes all
frosted as one and no need to cut pieces,
as you just pulled out a cupcake in it's
wrapper. And there was lots more frosting
than for a typical cake. I loved it well
enough to have two cupcakes.
There was too much light in our sunroom to get a good picture, but on the Sunday night after
the shower on Saturday, Ken and I hosted an impromptu light supper for relatives on the
Braman side to see Kristina. You can barely see Marty's blouse, then Connie behind Kristina, and
next is her husband John. Bob M. with his head chopped off, is eating and next to him is Don B.
Also attending was our son John. There were 10 of us which we felt was pretty good
attendance considering the invitations were by phone and less than 24 hours earlier.
Two of our most ardent fans in the audience were Mr. Connie and his daughter
Cindy. Mrs. Connie was busy taking pictures of other people for me. A difficult
job with a huge open barn door behind the stage so lighting made it difficult.
Bob M. and his neighbor also attended the shower.
John, Ken's longtime friend from Omaha left
for home so he missed our evening party.
Jeff, Steve, Ken and I re-adjusting the
height of my piano.
VIPs In My Life
from left above: Thayne, Diane, Alice, Jan,
me, Gail and Jan O.
Below Gail, Jan and Thayne
We will be attending this gypsy jazz fest in
a couple of weeks. This shows Steve and
Jeff see at last year's festival in front of the
cutest camper you will ever. We missed
last year. But this camper is always there
and it belongs to Alfonso, the top billed
From left is Jeff, Shari, Steve H, Blake, Denise, Steve Hoff,
Ken and me. Jeff plays four instruments and comes from
Chicago each year to play with us. We are the
Carlisle-Cutoffs and the Scotchridge Cloggers. Due to
injuries no clogging this year except for Margie.
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better.Click arrow to play.
Libby took her first steps September 24, 2017.
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Isabel's sound track before hitting Libby's arrow.