Ken's 500th Day of Exercise, 16 Jan 2010
Welcome 2010
New Year's Eve Dance & Alternative Party
Miscellaneous Events
And to the
right is Barb,
also at our
table. Bruce
gives her a
swing here.
To right, The
Band for the
evening. To
left, Joyce &
her date.
Below, a
close up.
Well, he's
pretty cute
Dale and Merv chose the alternative party. A good time
was well in swing when we visited at break time.
Bruce & Lavern left, Joyce below.
Newcomers in
the park, Terry
and Benny cut a
fine figure on
the dance floor.
Chuck, Gerry, Dorothy, Barb, Joe,
Mary Ann, Jacquie and Jack.
.Reg and Carole below
Left above, Bud
and Kay. To right
are new kids on
the block - Dale
and Eileen's new
neighbors, and to
left across is Bill.
Below is Gail and
Pat, Jean, Charlie (cute, huh!) & Gary.
Boyd & Joanna, below
Vicky & Del, right
Right, Esther shows off her chic
shoes, left Jim looking very tickled
about something.  This couple
knows how to enjoy themselves.
It's the only picture we got of Juan,  below, and not one of Ken. Mary
to the right joined us.  Rosemary above.
Here is Ken coming in door from his  500th consecutive day of exercising, 10 pm, Jan 16,
2010. We'd just returned from a 33 hour trek to San Antonio & then San Marcus, to find (and
we did) a commercial sewing machine. Being tired never stops Ken from exercising. Left
below is Chuck and Mary Ann, New Year's Eve at our table and right below is Chuck and me.
Donna, John, Pat and friend whose
name I don't know.
My New Year's hat
Bob and Sue
Back from left, Ken, Bill H., Bill M., Bruce, me.
Front, Corrine, Annie, Gail and Lavern. It was a happy, well fed, crew.
Don and Marty hosted the group.
The stew was delicious.