Alamo Palms Reunion
Alamo Palms residents came from near and far to
socialize with their snowbird friends. The farthest I am
aware of was the car with the Delaware license plate.  The
unofficial count is 88 on Tuesday evening and 105 for
lunch next day. Lots of good food Tuesday evening and
the catered luncheon the next day was superb. The best
fried chicken I think I have ever had: very crispy on the
outside and juicy on the inside. A caterer from Chariton.
This was bearded Howard Tuesday night. Wednesday noon his look
changed. Big time. I accused him of having a fake beard, but no. He
was tired of it and shaved
And here is Sandy. And George, below,
who laughed all the way at Leo's antics.
And Diane and Beth with Mardine's back.
Sorry Mardine. But here's her smiling face.
Three of those responsible for organizing
the function. Doran, Cora and Marian
Miriam and Leo. Leo and Sandy. However,
below is Leo's true love, Diane.
Arlan and Pat;  Don and Martha
I didn't get everyone's name. And many were visible on
name tags. So I'm taking the easy way from here out.
Pat and Dwight, Jim and Judy
Our fellow Ankenyite, Elaine. Where's Nick?
He looks suspicious of me. She says that is
always his look.
I do not publish last names of my
pictures; however, they are legible
on many of the name tags. If you are
uncomfortable with the tags, I can
crop them out. This site is not
advertised and most people already
know your last names. But let me
know if you want them out.