Ken plays Danny Boy w/Eileen
Lunches, Laughter with Lady Friends
Hampton Bluegrass Festival
Leaving Alamo early
Birthday Girl Jan
Bluegrass in Hampton with very long-time friends and new friends.
Jamming in the Pavillion
Left above, Kennastons, we first saw
Vanessa at Avoca when she was 16.
Today she lives on a cattle ranch with her
husband and children.
Above right is Cedar Valley. John, Barb,
Becky, Dale. We've known Dale forever,
and first saw Becky in Nashua when she
was fiddler at the young age of 15.
Family band. Great entertainers and really
good music.
Ken still exercising every day. Here he is in
our exercise room at Alamo Palms.
And below Jean, Lavern and I take our last
for the north. Ken and I followed soon Red
Snapper. Good live music and good and
cheap food. Two for one margaritas. No
such deal on my wine though.
Mothers Day flowers from John.
The Bluegrass Blondies. All sisters with
mother and father on bass and banjo.
Really nice to see families like this.
the selections. Enjoyable, having that extra
dimension. Below Ken speaks with one of
his fans. The lovely lady is super classy. I
can't think of her name but she is from
South America and never misses a concert.
And here we are at
Brooke's Wig and
Pen. A nice cozy
corner for us and
no one rushing us
to leave, along
with great food
and good friends.
Notice in the
mirror clear at
bottom is Jan's
image as she takes
our picture.
Libby at 7