My 80th...
Lavern Gives Me Surprise Supper
Ropa Style Show
2019 ROPA Style Show
International Theme with Music and Clothes Matched to Countries
It's A Wonderful World
Steve Davis imitating Louis
Another Get Together of Ye Olde Fun Bunch. And
We're Still Chugging Along to Cortinos this time.
The group of Hand & Foot players. We could play
together forever I think and still enjoy each other.
My new camera adds
3 different filters to
each shot if I tell it
to. Much fun. And
does crazy things
with one click, like a
The lovely hand
painted quilt
raffled and money
donated to the
scholarship fund.
Diane found this
mink coat at a
warehouse. Since
they sell by the
pound it cost 2
or 3 dollars. I
don't remember
Clinton, Michael & Beth
Diane led us singing He's
Got The Whole World in
His Hands. This is the 5th
year she has organized this
The men who served our lunch.
Robin, left, helped
me with the pictures
Howard furnished all the music
throughout the show, chosen
appropriately with the countries being
modeled at the time. He wore a t-shirt
that said Canada on it, but I got a very
fuzzy picture so I'm putting this one in
from a couple of years back. He is always
very generous with his talent and time.
Thank you Howard!!
And a few more models here