2018 Christmas Dinner
Great Nieces - More of Xmas Below
Thanksgiving 2018
Miscellaneous last half 2018
New Years Day 2019
And the assorted nut gift. All great!!
Me with two of
my gifts, Sees
plus Port and a
Calvin Klein
watch. Perfect
for me
Left Ken wraps up in his Xmas gift blanket with a glass of Xmas gift Port in his
hand. Made a gift pot of soup on Wed. Good! Right: Our Christmas table taken
Christmas Eve, before it got filled with food and people at Christmas Dinner in
Main Hall.
And the day of the Christmas dinner
Left: Our
John and
Left: outside lights and
the new potted palm
tree. Right is Rachel
and below is our host,
Jacqui & Howard. See the back
of the pretty tunic. To left is
Beth and Janet.
Left Shirley, Diane and another
lady. Below Willie and his wife Mary.
Above Joanna, Dorothy and me. Right: Arlene and Tom.
Rachel & Frank
at Luby's
The Nieces Get Acquainted
Uncle Bob has his hands full. Ella is
one year and Libby is two years old.
Bob helped Kristina and Ella
come from California to visit
Iowa over Thanksgiving. It was
the first time the Iowa relatives
got to meet Ella.
Left: Ella and Kristina back
home. Taken at Christmas.
John, Kristina and Ella in Des
Libby in her little red wagon. Here's what Val says about these two
"The picture of Libby in the wagon is a reenactment of a
picture of me when I was little and was wearing my old outfit. (It's
the same outfit she's wearing with me in front of the tree.)"
More Pictures: Libby at Christmas
Flowers from Walmart above -
these keep blooming for 10-12
days. I think they are beautiful.
Above: Bruce, Bill, Ken, Jackie
and Sandy. Right: Lavern
Below: Jackie
Traditional New Years Day 2019
at BJs This Year
It was disappointing that Bruce and
Lavern could not join us this  year. But
the group of nine had good food,
libations and comraderie even though
we missed our usual hosts Bruce and
It was a struggle to get the round dining table we wanted. I called four times - the first to
assure that they (BJs) would take reservations and that we could sit at a round table so we
could all interact. Initially they said they could accommodate us and after calling two other
restaurants, BJs was the only one who could make reservations at a round table/booth.
Then I called 3 more times, saying yes, we wanted to make the reservation, and two more
insuring they were at 2 pm and I left my full name and got the person's name who made the
reservations. Mel. When I got there at 1:40 the hostess had never heard of me. No, she
didn't have a booth or round table to accommodate 9. I asked to see Mel. Turns out she is
the manager and she never did show up to talk with me. However, I just kept saying to the
hostess how could they miss me calling and confirming 3 times. The hostess kept
disappearing and reappearing saying nothing available. By now there is a small line of other
customers behind me. But I didn't give up my place in line.  And finally the hostess came
back to her station and said they could seat us at the back. Fine I said. Wherever.
It was a very fine booth, quiet yet with a couple of TVs where we could check on games, but
not loud enough to interfere with us to hear each other.. We all got to interact without
shouting at each other and were all pleased with our dinner. All's well that ends well.
The picture to left is a bit blurred. I prefer to call it air
brushed. lol The one to the right more focused.
At home trying the 10 shot setting
on camera before going to BJs.
Ken & Sandy had fish
and chips. Jackie ordered
a San Antonio salad. All
reports good on our food.
Left: Me, Ken, Jackie, Sandy, Pat,
John, Donna, Gary and Jim
And here to left are two
little ones from
Grandmother Holly.
Jaxson is holding his
cousin Clinton.
Jaxson with his two older siblings, Tristan
on left and Aaron on right.
And Holly's two new kittens: Jack
and Ivy. Yes, girl and boy.
Jack in the box; Ivy in the basket.
Clinton is a very happy baby, and
obviously pleased with his teddy bear.